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Petrus 1972 Grand Vin

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Grand Vin

Bordeaux rouge


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Although not classified vineyard, following the example of all the Pomerol Grand Crus, Petrus is in Bordeaux that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

It is the most famous but also the most prestigious of all the red wines.

His story begins at the end of the 19th century.

The Arnaud family is the owner of the domain, and already benefits from a fame which will never weaken.

Edmonde Loubat is gradually going to buy the domain and will become the only owner in 1945.

Two years later Jean-Pierre Moueix arrives at the vineyard.

In 1972, he becomes owner and bequeaths the Petrus domain to his son Jean-Pierre, current owner.

Year after year, the fame of the domain grows.

To such a point that in the 60s, the Kennedy family considers it as the most red great wine of Bordeaux.

Therefore Petrus becomes the reference in the United States and makes its entrance in the very closed world of great wines market.

The best critics praise it.

They tastes and comments on it masterfully, giving to the Petus an absolutely incomparable softness and an enormous depth.

This wine is simply majestic, with a power and a wealth matchless, certain vintage being able to beware more than fifty years.

Petrus is an enjoyment to be offered, a unique moment to share, a wonderful sensation to drink.


  • Region : Bordeaux
  • Appellation : Pomerol
  • Domain : Petrus
  • Color : Red
  • Owner : SC du Château Petrus
  • Surface : 11.4 ha
  • Production : 36000 bottles
  • Grape Variety : 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc


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