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2022 Depaz Madiflora rhum


White agricultural  Depaz rum

Martinique Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée

Spécial “Madiflora” cuvée – 2022 vintage

Special Rotary Club of Saint-Pierre cuvée for the 20th anniversary of Madiflora (2023 edition).

Limited edition produced by Virginie Pouppeville .

Unique decor by the artist Oshea (mixed media)

Bottling date: 17/04/2023

Bottle numbered 34/40

70 cl


Exceptional and rare collector bottle!

A nugget to acquire absolutely, a unique gift!

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The 2022 Depaz Madiflora rhum is a white agricultural rum from Martinique.

It runs 45 degrees in a 70 cl bottle.

This exceptional bottle is decorated by the Caribbean artist Oshea and numbered 34/40.

This cuvée, with its crystalline and brilliant colour, is the result of a blend of several rum
different plots.

It expresses the aromatic richness of fresh sugar cane when crushed immediately after cutting.

Designed by designer Virginie Pouppeville for the occasion, it is displayed in 40 glass bottles.

Each is unique and dressed by the hand of the artist Oshea, who drew his inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Indeed, each bottle is adorned with a lush vegetal decor, making us discover, or rediscover, the different flowers and

plants of Caribbean heritage.

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