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1984 Château latour


First Grand Cru Classé

Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

Red wine

75 cl

Peak : to drink

Wine Advocate rate : 84/100

Château Latour comments :

“It is a vintage of medium concentration and quality but where the tannins, which seemed severe in their youth because of the lack of roundness of Merlot, softened during aging. The wines develop an interesting aromatic complexity and a surprising finesse, while being little impressive on the palate with a lack of richness and structure.”

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The Château Latour is one of the most famous vineyards in the world.

It is located in Pauillac, in the Médoc near Bordeaux.

Classified Premier Grand Cru in 1855, its wines are world renowned and sought after.

The Grand Vin du Château Latour is only made from the vineyards surrounding the castle.

It is a wine that is tannic and concentrated, ideal for a long storage.

It blossoms after several years to reveal power and depth.

On the nose it offers aromas of blackcurrant, hazelnut, leather and many others.

1984 Château Latour is rated 84/100 by Wine Advocate.

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  • Region : Bordeaux
  • Appellation : Pauillac
  • Ranking : First Grand Cru Classé
  • Owner : Artemis
  • Surface : 65 ha
  • Production : 175000 bouteilles
  • Grape Variety : 75% cabernet sauvignon, 20% merlot, 4% cabernet franc,1% Petit Verdot

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