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General Terms and Conditions of Sales for the products sold on BACCHUS ONE's website

Last update on August 29th 2023


Article 1 – Purpose

The hereby conditions rule the sales of wines, spirits, luxury items including handbags and accessories, art objects and various collections by BACCHUS ONE.


Article 2 – Price

The prices of our items are indicated in Euros (exempt from VAT – article 293B of the CGI) and shipping cost sare not included.

If the order is sent to another country than Metropolitan France, you are the importer of the concerned product(s). Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes are likely to be due for payment.

These duties and costs are not BACCHUS ONE's responsibility.

This is your responsibility to declare and pay the competent authorities and bodies of your country for these duties and costs. We advise you to ask your local authorities for more information about it.

All the orders are to be paid in Euros, whatever their origin.

BACCHUS ONE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product shall be invoiced on the basis of the fare in effect when the order was approved, and subject to availability.

Products remain BACCHUS ONE's property until their price is totally paid.

Warning : as soon as you take physical possession of the ordered products, risks of loss or damage are your responsibility.


Article 3 – Orders

You can order:

On the Internet:

By phone: +33 (0)6 51 46 12 66 – from Monday to Friday – From 10 am to 6 pm.

By email:


Protection of minors:

In conformity with article L. 3342-1 of Public Health Regulations, buyers commit to be over 18 when they order any alcoholic drink.


Alcohol abuse:

Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.

The contractual information is presented in French (in English on the english website version) and shall be subjected to a confirmation when your order is approved.

BACCHUS ONE reserves the right to deny a payment and an order for any reason whatsoever, and more particularly in case of supply problems or any difficulties regarding the received order.


Article 4 – Validation of your order

Any order placed on BACCHUS ONE's website implies the buyer agrees with the hereby General Terms and Conditions. Any order confirmation leads to your full agreement with the hereby General Terms and Conditions of Sales, without exception nor reservation.

All the given information and the registered confirmation shall prove the transaction.

You declare you are fully aware of it.

The order confirmation can be considered a signature and acceptation of the carried-out operations.

A recap of the information related to your order and the hereby General Terms and Conditions shall be sent to you via the email address you gave to confirm your order beforehand.


Article 5 – Payment

The validation of your order implies you have to pay the indicated price.

The payment for your purchase can be made:

1/ via Credit Card:

BACCHUS ONE uses the Stripe payment platform which provides all the necessary security for your transactions, including the secured payment by the 3D Secure system.

You can choose to pay with :


2/ by bank transfer:

Bank details are given when you approve the order.

Your transfer must reach us within 7 days, otherwise the item will be automatically put on sale and your order automatically cancelled.



Article 6 – Withdrawal

In conformity with the provisions of article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code, the withdrawal period is 14 days beginning from the day on which you receive your products and therefore, you have the right to withdraw from this agreement without giving any reason and without paying any penalty.

The items have to be returned in their original condition and in their entirety (packing, accessories, instructions). Your responsibility is therefore engaged. In that regard, any damage done to the product may make your right to withdrawal null and void.

Return shipping costs are payable by you.

The item must be returned with order follow-up and insurance.

If the right to withdrawal is used, BACCHUS ONE shall repay the transferred amounts within 14 days following the receipt of the item and using the same payment method as the one used when ordering.

Even though we carefully make sure our wines are properly preserved (temperature, humidity, positioning and darkness), we cannot accept to replace one of our products for the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate taste: we cannot exchange any bottles, opened or not, if you consider their taste inappropriate (corked, oxidised or aged wines, for instance).
  • Damaged, dented or aged label, hanger or cap: some of our bottles, in particular those from old vintages, can sometimes suffer external damage, but this doesn't have any impact on the quality of their contents.


In conformity with the provisions of article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal doesn't apply to:

  • The provision of services fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution began after the consumer's express agreement and renunciation to his/her right of withdrawal;
  • The provision of goods or services whose price depends on the financial market's fluctuations being out of the professional's control and likely to occur during the withdrawal period;
  • The provision of goods which were made in accordance with the consumer's specifications or which were neatly personalised;
  • The provision of goods which are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly;
  • The provision of goods which were unsealed by the consumer after the delivery and which cannot be sent back for hygienic or health protection reasons;
  • The provision of goods delivered and mixed with other items which cannot be separated due to their nature.



Article 7 – Availability

Our products are available as long as they are displayed on BACCHUS ONE's website and while stocks last. Regarding the products which are not stocked, our offers are valid subject availability with our suppliers.

Despite all our efforts, a wrong price or a wrong available quantity may be indicated on our website for a very little number of our items.

Despite our vigilance, if the items you have ordered are unavailable, we shall send you an email to inform you about it as soon as possible, to know if you want to maintain, modify or cancel your order.



Article 8 – Delivery

Products are delivered to the address entered during the ordering process, within the delivery time indicated on the product's page.

In case of delivery delay, you shall receive an email to inform you about a possible consequence on the delivery timepreviously mentioned.

In conformity with the legal provisions, in case of delivery delay, you have the possibility to cancel your order within the conditions and modalities provided in article L.138-2 of the Consumer Code.

BACCHUS ONE cannot be held responsible for any delivery delay which are exclusively due to the customer's unavailability, following several propositions of appointment.

We personally insure all our goods, which therefore travel at our own risk during the shipping process.

Our products are shipped within 8 working days beginning from the order's payment receipt date.

If the information given by the customer is erroneous, BACCHUS ONE cannot be held responsible for the impossibility to deliver the goods in due time.

Upon receipt of the goods, it is up to the receiver to check their condition and to declare any breakage, damage or missing element, by writing his or her reservations down on the delivery slip, and to inform us about it within 24 hours by email or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and with enclosed photos, in order to preserve his or her rights.

Beyond this period, no complaint shall be able to be lodged.

If a customer committed to collect his or her goods himself or herself, and if he or she does not collect the goods within 3 weeks following the delivery at the most, BACCHUS ONE shall invoice extra caretaking fees, at a rate of €15 per item and month.

Deliveries outside the French territory are possible. If your destination address is not mentioned on our website, please send us an email to the following address:

Any order delivered outside the French territory is likely to be subject to taxes and customs duties which are due when a parcel reaches its destination. Those customs duties and possible taxes related to one of our item's delivery are payable by you and are your responsibility. We are not bound to check and inform you about customs duties and applicable taxes. We recommend you to ask your country's competent authorities to know more about it.



Article 9 – Claims

Any claim and demand for refund must be sent by email within 24 hours from the receipt date.

Products must be returned to us in the same condition you received them and with all their elements (accessories, packing, instructions…). Return costs are payable by you.

The item must be returned with order follow-up and insurance.

Please note the sender is always responsible in case of damage or if the parcel gets lost; you could not claim for refund in case of loss or damage.

If the item which is returned to us has been changed or damaged, if accessories are missing or if the parcel is damaged and has deteriorated the item, we shall keep your payment, partially or entirely, as compensation.



Article 10 – Responsibility

The products we sell are in accordance with French law. BACCHUS ONE's responsibility shall not be engaged in case of failure to respect the legislation of the country to which the product is delivered. It is up to you to check the options of importation or use of the products or services you want to order, with your local authorities.

Besides, BACCHUS ONE cannot be held responsible for damage related to the inappropriate use of a product bought via its website.

Some of our wines are very old, they are sold for collection.

Finally, BACCHUS ONE's responsibility shall not be engaged for any problem or damage related to the Internet network, more particularly a service interruption, data breach or computer virus.



Article 11 – Governing law in case of litigation

This agreement is written in the French language. The hereby conditions of sales are subject to French Law. In case of litigation, the French Court shall be the only competent one.



Article 12 – Intellectual property

All the elements displayed on BACCHUS ONE's website are and remain the exclusive, intellectual property of BACCHUS ONE. No one is allowed to reproduce, exploit, distribute or use, for any reason whatsoever, even partially, elements of the website, whether they are software, visual or sound elements. Any simple link or hyperlink is strictly forbidden except with BACCHUS ONE's express written consent.



Article 13 – Personal data

BACCHUS ONE reserves the right to collect your personal information and data. Those are necessary to handle your order and improve the services and information we communicate to you.

These data can also be given to the companies which contribute to these relations, such as companies in charge of service and order execution, for their management, execution, process and payment.

These information and data are also recorded for security purposes, by our web host Ikoula, in order to respect the legal and regulation obligations.

In conformity with the provisions of January 6th 1978 Law, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose your personal information and data, directly from our website.

In conformity with the Information Technology and Liberties Law, data processing has been subjected to a declaration at the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) under the number 1905684v0.



Article 14 – Proof of archiving

BACCHUS ONE shall archive the purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and sustainable material representing an exact copy, in conformity with the provisions of article 1348 of the Civil Code.

BACCHUS ONE's computerised registers shall be considered, by all the involved parties, as proof of the communications, orders, payments and transactions which occurred between the parties.



Article 15 – Warranty

All our products are authenticated by certified experts before purchase.

The photos of your orders are contractual, you receive the item you can see on the website, (however when we have several identical items in stock, we only present one photo, considering that the others are identical).

Additional photos are available on request.

If you encounter problems to apply the hereby general conditions of sales, we invite you to look for an amicable solution by contacting us on the phone or by email.




The photos used on the website are contractual, unless otherwise stated.



Article 16 – Remote communication technique cost

Remote communication technique is free.


Article 16 – Mediation

In the event of a dispute, you can contact a consumer mediator at the following address:


27, avenue de la Libération
42400 Saint-Chamond
Téléphone : +33 (0)9 88 30 27 72